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Best 10 beautiful flowers to choose from a Wedding florist Miami Store

If there’s one thing we brides focus on, it’s our wedding bouquet. The truth is that we want it to be beautiful, perfect. We want it to complement our dress. Now, when it comes to choosing the flowers for our bouquet, it can certainly be difficult (you can easily get overwhelmed).

But why, why does it get so complicated? Simple: there are a lot of styles and colors that make it difficult to choose flowers. 

Especially if you have no idea about the types of flowers for weddings, the truth is that the best thing to do is to leave everything in the hands of a Wedding florist Miami.

If you want to look for that flower that will give a special touch to your dress, we will help you by showing you the ten best beautiful flowers to choose from for your wedding bouquet.

Below, we have compiled a list of the most popular wedding flowers.

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Oh, the roses! It is an obvious and even common choice. However, a wide variety of roses will surely surprise you! You can make a combination of roses.

For example, use large roses for the front of the bouquet and complement it with smaller roses or “baby roses” on the sides or empty spaces. The “spray roses” delicately accented the bouquet and will look beautiful. Use colors that contrast with the dress and other colors of the ceremony. 


What an exquisite flower! They are usually found in black and white. They are very striking and ideal if you are a modern bride! You can use anemones alone or in combination with others. They are delicate flowers, so you may need a wedding florist Miami to place the stems in water. Don’t worry, it won’t show, and I think the bouquet will look divine!


Undoubtedly, this is the most sought-after for a wedding bouquet. Its cost is a bit high, but many brides opt for this flower because they are divine! So, suppose you like these flowers but have a limited budget. In that case, you can talk to a wedding florist Miami to include them in the bouquet, in contrast to smaller flowers.


You will find a great variety of colors for this type of flower. They are very pretty, they fit well for outdoor weddings, and you can combine them with other flowers. And if you only want dahlias in your bouquet, it doesn’t matter. They come in so many different sizes that your wedding bouquet is sure to look beautiful. 


We love the color of these sweet-smelling and romantic flowers. You can use them alone or in a combined bouquet. Lilacs, which come in shades of purple and white, are delicate. You must be very careful because they can wilt easily. We know a wedding florist Miami will be able to do something to make your wedding bouquet last a little longer. 


 It’s time to bring these girls into the limelight! These flowers are used (in most cases) as accents and not as the protagonists of the bouquet. But the truth is, their frilly petals and wavy stems are ideal for adding a little cheer to your bouquet. They come in a wide variety of colors, so you can either make it a unicolor or go a little crazy and layer multiple colors.

Sweet Peas

Want something sweet? Sweet peas for you! Surely you didn’t think about it, did you? Well, with this flower everything is fine! The scent, the stems, and of course, the shape. Everything fits perfectly. If your wedding is outdoors, this is a great option. 

You can find sweet peas in various colors at a wedding florist Miami store. They are great for an outdoor wedding. You only need a silk ribbon with these flowers, and your bouquet is ready. You know, if you want something sweet and delicate, this is the perfect flower.


Just like roses, tulips are one of the most obvious choices. Tulips are divine, and there is also a great variety of them: fringed tulips, double tulips, Rembrandt tulips, and you name it. And thanks to their great variety, tulips are not very expensive.

A bouquet of tulips can look gorgeous in your hands and contrast divinely with your dress. Plus, it won’t affect your budget in any way. They do not need company; the truth is you can make a bouquet only with tulips.

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They are looking for classic, elegant, sophisticated, classic flowers that stand out? Hydrangeas are your best option. How many blue and white bouquets have you seen? And they are beautiful, aren’t they?

In some cases, People mix hydrangeas with other flowers such as roses. You should be careful with them, but don’t worry, the Florist will do a good job, and you will have an elegant and eye-catching bouquet. 


There is a great variety of orchids. The only thing you have to be careful of is not to turn a wedding bouquet into a disaster! Orchids are beautiful, but not everyone knows how to wear them. You can use light shades in a hanging bouquet. 

One of the advantages of this flower is that it can have a beautiful drape. If you think about it and you are a bit of a risk-taker, then you should use orchids in your wedding bouquet. Find them all on our Wedding florist Miami website.

Now you can decide what kind of flower to choose. No doubt you have options of flowers that will look super beautiful not only in your bouquet but also in the floral arrangements in your ceremony or party.

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