Don’t know how to keep your guest list short? Here are some tips 

Creating the wedding guest list can be a stressful task for some couples. When the wedding planning process starts, one of the first things is to decide who will be invited.

When you realize how many people you would like to invite, the stress starts when the list is long.

Think of it, how many people do you know? Co-workers, family, friends, family friends, neighbors, that is a lot of people! So, what can you do to create a guest list that does not have 300 people? In this article, we will drop some tips for you.

Wedding guest lists are a big deal, and they’re the first real interaction your wedding guests will have with your wedding and your married life together. So, it’s important to get them right. But wedding guest lists can be tricky things—deciding who to invite and who not can be really hard.

Avoid conflicts and misunderstandings. Maybe all your friends or people that you know want to get invited. But, let’s be real if you are not making a big wedding this is impossible. 

You are not the only one looking for this kind of advice, so don’t worry and keep reading. Get all your wedding guestlist answered by this post. 



Create a list

The first thing you have to do is create a list. Not the guest list you will use for your invitations, but a list of the people you think you should invite. 

You can use a wedding guest list template, or if you are not good with computers, you can create a list with your pen and paper. It may take some time, but it is the best way to start this process.

You will average how many people you want to invite with this list against how many people you can invite. If your venue is for 60 people, but your list has 80, it is time some use our tips and advice to make it shorter.

Here are some guestlist tips you can use:

Create a no-kids Policy

This will depend on each couple, but you need to create a kids policy not to invite a small friend’s kid. Of course, you need to take the time and explain why you want to leave little kids out. 

Make sure your guests understand why you do not include their children in the wedding. If possible, talk with your guests in person and explain that you think it’s important to have a chance to enjoy an adult-only day.

Let people know this as soon as they get their invitations, so they can look for somebody to baby-sister and take care of their children while at your wedding.


Cancel invitations that were not answered

This is a personal decision, but some couples prefer to cancel the invitations that were not answered. Most people think that canceling invitations that were not responded to is impolite. It’s really up to you and your partner if you want to do this, as all situations are different.

But, what is certain is that you need to consider if the guest will be able to attend or not, with their current situation, and give them time to respond so you can cancel those invitations before they get printed.

If the person you invited never took the time to answer and let you know they will be there, it is a sign of taking that person off the guestlist. You can set a deadline, and if people don’t answer before then, the invitations will be canceled.


Do’s and don’ts


Invite friends who were invited recently to their wedding:

Imagine that one of your old friends got married last year but did not speak so much since you should have invited them? Yes, most polite is to do it. If you have any reasons not to do it, explain to them to not have any future problems.

Most people expect reciprocity, so if you were invited to a friend’s wedding, the most logical thing is you also do it. This applies to both sides of the couple’s friends and family.

What if you are having a small and private wedding? Then you must explain to non-close friends and family why you can’t invite them. Talk to them, and they will understand.

Invite immediate family:

Everyone wants to invite the whole family, but on many occasions, it is not practical. Think first of both sides of the immediate family. Guests like aunts, first cousins, and grandpas are something we can’t discuss. It is a must!

But, if you have a big family, big lots of cousins, and second cousins and their kids are when you start to think of inviting them. We all know the family is family, but you can cross them out of the list if you include your mom’s cousins that you almost never talk to.

These rules can be different depending on how close you are to your family and the size of the event. But if you want to keep a budget, then only think of most close family members.



Invite plus-ones you don’t know:

This is an important one, do not invite plus-ones unless you have a good reason to do it. If you invite their significant other, they will come with your husband or wife. They will want to invite them.

You don’t need to invite people that you don’t know. It is normal to have an extra guest when your friends and family can bring someone, but our recommendation is not to do it.

Don’t feel obligated to have plus-ones at your wedding. For example, if your friends have a roommate and want to invite them, you can say no. Weddings are special events for your family and friends. This is why you should not have plus-ones.

Invite co-workers

This is a tricky one, even with co-workers. You can invite them if you want, but make sure they are not the ones who are most responsible for your wedding. That is to say. You can invite your co-worker but not your boss. This rule will always depend on what type of relationship you wave with them.

Just because you know people from your work for months or years, they are invited. We want not all co-workers to have the same relationship. You can explain why you are keeping the list short.

Instead, you can have a little event with them, so they don’t feel excluded. A great work environment always involves friendships, but you can’t invite the whole office.

These were some do’s and don’t recommendations you can use when creating your guest list. There are ways to have a small guest list and still include everyone you want to invite.

Always remember to keep in mind close family and friends from both sides.  The list will always depend on how big your venue and event will be, so start your guest list as soon as possible.

You don’t want to leave anyone without invitations, but you don’t like to invite the wrong people. 

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Extra tip: Use a guest list tool!

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Why would you need to create a short guest list?

Small weddings with small guest lists are becoming more popular since the pandemic began. There are many reasons why people decide to have a smaller guest list, but here we will see the most common reasons. 

Your wedding budget

When people begin planning their wedding, they often panic about creating a guest list that includes their closest friends and family. 

When you set your budget and invite as many as you want, you need to shorten the list. Some people like to invite everyone they know, but doing that will put a huge dent in their budget. 

You want to have a private day

Small and simple weddings are starting to be a trend now. A small wedding means that the guest list is limited to 20-30 people. So, you can create a short guest list for your wedding with only your close friends and family.

Having a private wedding will allow you to be with your loved ones while having the wedding you always wanted.

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