Looking for a wedding theme? These are the top 6 wedding theme ideas for 2021!

Weddings are a very special day in a couple’s life, and they’re responsible for creating a detailed look of the day to ensure it goes as planned. As a planner, you need to be sure that you have a detailed design of the day that highlights the look you’re going for.
Wedding Theme Planning

There are so many different elements needed to plan a wedding and have the best day. From the wedding dress to the venue. Add in the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Everything needs to be a combination of the couple’s preferences. It can be quite hard to find the right theme that matches the couple’s preferences.

This is why looking and studying a variety of wedding themes can help make the last decision. If you want to know more about some wedding themes ideas, this is the right article for you!

When looking for a wedding theme is important that you keep in mind to:

– Combine both: your gut and expert advice

Wedding theme, decoration, food, music, there are a lot of choices to make! This can be overwhelming and stressful for couples. If you don’t decide for yourself and want some help, some of our core members will help you. 

Talk to someone who has experience with weddings and offers you expert advice. This can make the whole planning thing easier.

Check our Planning & Coordination section and hire a wedding planner!. As a couple, you can list what you would like to have on the wedding day.

Take this list and highlight the most important elements, this way, you can decide by combining what you like. Then, with the help of a special planner, you can start to plan your wedding theme.

– Decide on a budget

Money can be a reason for stress and uncertainty. You need to make sure you have enough money to cover the wedding and everything you decide to do. Sometimes people think it is impossible to plan a full wedding when they don’t have a big budget. 

But, if you set yours from the beginning, you can start looking for the best prices that suit your budget.

When deciding on a budget, remember this: the more guests, the more money! Whether you choose to involve staff or you want to make it yourself, it will cost something! 

The important thing is making sure you have enough money that cover all the theme needs. We recommend you set and follow your budget, so everything gets done.

– Choose a theme that reflects your personality

Finding a theme for a wedding can be a fun and easy task. People often wonder how to reflect their personalities and sense of style in a theme. It is important to remember that it is a day for two people to celebrate the beginning of their marriage at a wedding. 

Choosing the right wedding theme will show both personalities and express who you are. The theme you choose should be something that you both like, and that impresses your guest. 

It can be something trendy and simple, or more specific. Many couples want to match their dress and tuxedo with the theme.

Wedding themes and styles can be as unique as the couple that is getting married. But there are some common themes and styles that seem to fit most weddings. Themes and styles can be used to reflect the bride and groom’s personality, or they can be used to reflect the personality of the wedding.

We collected some of the most popular and the best theme ideas for a wedding. Here are some wedding theme ideas to help you come up with a general look for the big day:


Vintage themes are very popular and simple to plan, and they can be done in many different styles. If you have a vintage soul, having this wedding theme can be the best choice. WeddingPuzzle can help you find antique-looking decor and feel like you went back in time!

You can choose to go vintage or minimalist, depending on the couple’s preferences. Vintage wedding themes could include everything from old décor to vintage cars, music, and even old-style wedding dresses.

Elements such as weather doors, wood seats, and old cars are common decorations for vintage themes. All of these décor styles would create the perfect vintage look for your big day.


Modern themes are great for couples who want to make their wedding look simple and elegant. If you’re wondering how to keep your wedding theme modern, there are many elements you can add to make it more modern. 

Clean lines, geometric shapes, and simple elements are what represent the modern theme of weddings. This theme looks good on any venue and is a more minimal design.  

You can add a modern twist to everything from clothing to décor and decor. Modern themes are often used in places that don’t have many décors or need a simple look.


Are you an eco-friendly person that loves to take care of the environment? Then have an eco-friendly wedding theme! Yes, it is possible. Now, you can find all types of eco-products that are biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Eco-friendly themes are becoming more popular these days, especially among the younger generations. This theme is perfect for couples who want to show their commitment to creating a better future. 

You can have an eco-friendly modern wedding theme that includes organic decor items or an old town look that uses recycled décor items. Find local organic suppliers for your flowers and have a unique wedding.


Are you looking for a rustic wedding theme that will give your wedding that old-fashioned charm? If you love wood and vintage decorations, this is the theme for you! Rustic pieces are perfect for those who want to make their wedding look like a home and feel like they’re building their own house.

Rustic themes also incorporate natural elements such as wood and stone to make it look more authentic. Elements such as a log cabin, a cabin in the woods, a cottage can be used for this theme. This is the best theme for those who love DIY.

If you like simple things but want to be a bit different, you should be rustic. Find a rural venue, and plan your dream wedding with WeddingPuzzle.


Have you ever dreamed about having your wedding on a beautiful blue beach? Choose one of the best and fun wedding themes, a beach wedding. If you are looking for an affordable way to have your dream wedding, consider having it in a beach setting. The best part about choosing this option is that it can be less expensive than a traditional indoor venue.

Find out how to get a beach wedding theme, what you will need, and how to find the perfect venue for this type of theme. Enjoy an outdoor and tropical day on your wedding day. But, where can you find the perfect location to plan this type of wedding? Check WeddingPuzzle beach & waterfront weddings section and get more information.


Are you getting married at the end of the year? If you know your way around when it comes to Christmas, this is the best wedding theme for you. This theme goes hand in hand with Christmas and has a holiday charm that will make your guests feel festive.

It is a great idea to do a complete Christmas theme this time of the year. Feel the happiness of this holiday and share a special Christmas wedding with friends and family.

Take the winter to your wedding. You can use decorations such as tree decors, cards, winter flowers, and more. When it comes to Christmas decorations, the options are endless!


If you don’t want to keep thinking about a wedding theme at all, let the season pick your theme. Have a winter theme, spring, summer, or fall! All of them are different and can set an awesome mood for you and your guests.

Seasonal themes are perfect for couples who love to change their theme. If you or your partner do not like to plan, the seasonal theme is the best option. This year it will occur. Next year it will be summer, and so forth.

An outdoor wedding with this theme is possible, but it can also be held indoors if the weather does not permit an outdoor gathering. This theme includes all the elements of nature, such as leaves, flowers, and trees.

Keep it simple, one of these wedding themes. If you work with WeddingPuzzle to plan your wedding, you will have the wedding of your dreams.

Need a complete custom-made wedding theme? We can help you!

If you looked at our few wedding themes recommendations and still don’t know which one to choose, a custom theme is the best option for you.

WeddingPuzzle can help you select and implement decorations and décor based on your specifications. We will also match the theme with your wedding event’s color schemes and style to make sure nothing conflicts.

Planning a wedding is a lot of work. You can find a professional to make all your Planning & Decoration for you and have an unforgettable wedding! They will do everything they can to make your big day unique.

You can also create an account and have all the wedding planning tools you need in one place!

We have all you need for your wedding in one place! Check all vendor’s categories and start planning today.

You can create an account and create checklists, guest lists, all from our platform.

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