Our Story

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Our Story

How did we start?

Over 20 years ago, in a small city in west Venezuela, we dreamed of helping people host memorable and beautiful events, whether they were family or corporate events. So we did it!

We grew to the point of offering the basics every event needed and also a wide range of services and the latest products in the industry always with one goal in mind: gaining the trust of our customers by providing them not only with the best supplies, but with professionalism, innovation, creativity, and customer support in a perfect timely manner to produce high-quality events.

Next episode: Arriving at Florida:

With that passion for serving, we wanted to go beyond our borders to continue offering our expertise specifically in the United States, so we challenged ourselves and came to South Florida. We were welcomed with open arms but also with lots of challenges, and we faced them with hard work. After several years a new idea was born.

After years of working with so many local professionals of the party planning industry and clients who trusted us to create amazing events, we started noticing that we could do so much more by focusing our efforts on one niche: the wedding industry! So we decided to put an idea together that will serve newly engaged couples and professional vendors of the industry.

Then, WeddingPuzzle is born!

By connecting the engaged couples and their needs to the vendors’ experience and ideas, WeddingPuzzle has come to support them in every step of the process, not only by facilitating their communication and how to find each other, but by providing them with the tools to make it possible to plan the perfect wedding for every taste, budget, and dreams.