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Planning to choose a wedding band? Here is a quick guide

Along with the many decisions you will make to plan your wedding, you have to decide on the music. Will you book a band or a DJ? or maybe both? Most couples go for a band to make the moment more unique and feel the music. But, before making the decision, you need to know how to choose the best wedding music band. 

After all, the music is what brings the party to any event. At WeddingPuzzle, you can find all you need for your wedding. Check local Miami wedding bands and start planning the big day!

Bring the fun to your wedding with a live music band

When you think about parties and events, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Music! A good and professional band can make the difference between a boring day and a fun and memorable day. Weddings have to be fun and memorable, and you can make this possible by hiring the best Miami wedding bands near you.

We know how hard it can be to make some choices. This is why we bring you a quick guide to choosing a wedding music band. At WeddingPuzzle, we want to help you find all you need for your wedding.

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  1. What type of music band are you looking for?

The first step is deciding the genre of music you want to play at your wedding. Will it be a band that plays top hits, rock, country, or R&B? Whatever, make sure you get bands that play music in the same genre and don’t mix different styles. 

Also, choose a band that has all the songs that are in your wedding playlist. This way, you know they have practiced playing those songs, and your guests will have fun listening to them. This step is very important. Once you choose what type of music you want the band to play at your wedding, the searching step will be easier.

Most professional bands only focus on one style and genre. So once you decide on which one to go, the searching process won’t be so wide.

  1. Search, search and keep searching

Hiring a talented band can be easy. The hard thing is to find the perfect one. There are many talented bands everywhere, but this is your wedding day, forget about the local band or the bar one. Even though they can be great entertainment for that type of public, a wedding music band needs something more.

Once you start to search for a music band, our recommendation is not to stop when you find the first one you love. You need to have various options and then choose the one.

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  1. Watch at previous performances

The only way to distinguish the good Miami wedding bands from the bad ones is by watching the band’s performance. Any professional band should have several recorded performances on their website and future clients. You need to have an idea of who you will hire to play at your wedding.

Music is not all about how good they can sing. It is the performance. Good performance is what you need to look for in any band. A band should know how to perform depending on the place, event, and style. You can notice this by watching previous performances.

  1. Experience matters

Would they be professional? Will they play according to your planning? There are many factors you need to consider. If the band is not professional, it will make your wedding day more stressful for you and them as well. Seeing how good a band plays before booking one lets you know what to expect on your wedding day.

Look at Miami wedding bands with real experience. You don’t need a band with no experience in weddings to ruin your day. Go for the ones that have proven experience. They know how to bring the party. 

  1. Check how many hours they can play

Time means money. You have to check the money the wedding band will charge for an hour. Some like to hire a band only for the reception or the whole event. Depending on what you decide, there will be a different price. 

Check how many hours they will be available, so you don’t have to play different bands to play the same music. 

  1. Create a playlist

Your wedding has to go as planned. Create a playlist and discuss if the band can follow it. Think about the songs you most enjoy and want to remember as the music that brings joy. This is not a strict playlist. It is a list of recommendations to make the wedding feel more you.

Combine your loved songs with the band’s recommendations. They are the music experts. What if the band is not familiar with a song you really love? Ask them if they can learn to play it for your wedding day. While you give them enough time, Miami wedding bands will play all the music you love.

  1. Look at their reviews

Do you know what their previous clients think about their performances? You need to look for their opinions. Reviews can be a huge help to make any important decision. Only look for bands with the best reviews and check them online or on their website. Consider all their reviews and make the final decision. In the end, your opinion is the one that matters.

We hope this quick guide helps you make a better decision! 

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