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Popular wedding venues you can find near you!

While the undisputed protagonists of a wedding is the couple, an amazing location can make your wedding unique and incomparable. Discover Popular Miami wedding venues you can find near you for a wedding full of magic and charm that everyone will love!

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Special time and place! 

Like the engagement, your wedding ceremony requires a special time and place for the couple. If you were proposed to in a spectacular location, please, the wedding should also be in a spectacular location. 

Wedding preparations must necessarily begin with choosing where you will get married. Then, when you decide to accept that ring and say, “I do want to marry you,” the next step is to find the wedding venue.

Choosing an impactful location will not only generate surprise when you hand out the wedding invitations. It will also give you ideas to keep preparing unexpected moments for your loved ones on the big day. 

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Now to do this, answer the following questions: 

  • Where will the wedding be?
  • Indoors or outdoors?
  • For many guests or an intimate wedding?
  • Accessible or shrouded in mystery? 
  • Will you have a tight budget, or are you willing to spend a little more for a special venue? 
  • For the ceremony, reception, or both? 

Consider all these questions when choosing the best venue for your “I do.” 

Best Miami wedding venues

A forest

A wedding in a forest with nature will be ideal because it is a pleasant, romantic, and simple setting. The forest will lend itself to finding an organic and wild decoration that symbolizes feelings and emotions. 

Wedding flowers will blend in perfectly and subtly accompany a ceremony and an outdoor reception. 

There are many locations you can use. Some houses even have a forest as a backyard, so take advantage of those hidden corners to celebrate your wedding with beauty.

All you have to do is set up a few tents and some lighting and make it accessible and safe for you and your guests. The decoration? Nature takes care of it! 

A vineyard

You may have a vineyard nearby that offers an exquisite tour of the local viticulture and offers a good sparkling wine for your wedding toast. Some vineyards offer services to organize weddings in a half-natural and half-industrial environment.

Fields full of vines will be part of the scenery, and you can create a country-style wedding.  And don’t underestimate the scenery; the wine barrels can be an exquisite photo op. 

Now let’s say you’re not near the vineyard but want to have a destination wedding. Then the vineyard is a charismatic place to consider. 

Ask if the vineyard has accommodations; if so, take advantage of it. The guests will be thrilled. If the vineyard has lodging, take advantage of it. Guests will be delighted. 

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A boat 

If the seashore inspires you, what could be better than a wedding in the middle of the sea! Weddings at sea are romantic, and you will surely love them. The most awaited day can be celebrated on a yacht, catamaran, or ferry. Rent a boat by visiting our Miami wedding venues.

You can integrate the ornamentation of your wedding floral arrangements to give continuity to the characteristic symbols of the marine world. You can use anchors, starfish, shells, and pearls to highlight the marine theme. 

On the other hand, remember to use colors close to white. Now, if you add chandeliers and live music, you will increase the style of your celebration.

Don’t forget that the banquet should also be in tune with the venue,  but remember varied food and allergens. 

Hotel by the sea 

No more city! A beach wedding is better if you live in the city but have some sea nearby.  Get away from traffic and routine; let yourself be intoxicated by the waves. Enjoy the ocean view, and the hotels with access to the beach offer many amenities. It is sure to be a successful wedding.  

The beach is wonderful! And that this is the setting for your wedding will make it even more special. The open-air will allow you to organize a formal wedding with tulips and orchids at the altar and a more relaxed one with wildflowers in the natural bridal bouquet. 

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A rooftop 

A rooftop? For real? Yes, it is! This is a beautiful place for a wedding, especially if you have a city view. Remember that the rooftop offers a 360º view! So imagine your wedding with a panoramic view! 

Try to find a place surrounded by important monuments or architectural buildings. This will be part of the decoration! The lighting, you can work with lights and even torches that you can turn on if night falls. The banquet has waiters or a buffet banquet if the rooftop is large enough. 

The table centerpieces, table linens, and the times can be very simple but delicate. Remember that the protagonist will be the bride and groom and the view around you. A Miami wedding venues company can help you find the perfect rooftop.

A 100% natural landscape

Let’s see, we already think of the beach and the boat,  but what if we go a little more to the extreme? Have you ever thought of celebrating your wedding in a botanical garden? 

Open spaces and gardens are ideal for a wedding because flowers, trees, and grass will be part of your decoration. You just will need to add a few details. 

Now, if you are adventurous, how about getting married on the edge of a cliff or in a cave? You can take advantage of the beautiful landscape and have your ceremony outdoors.

So if you are an adventurous couple and you both practice a sport or activity together, look for a place that represents the activity you share or what you have in common, and that can host your guests for your wedding day.

This venue will add a super special and different touch to your wedding! It will be unforgettable!

The attraction of choosing one of these venues is that the celebrations will be more relaxed and pleasant. The freshness, light, and natural surroundings will suit elegant weddings. However, keep environmental conditions under control.

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