Caitlin & Hentze

October 11, 2017, New York,USA

Since we started planning our wedding, we knew the venue had to be a local but beautiful place so all of our friends and family could attend. We were looking for venues on many wedding websites, but then we found Wedding Puzzle.

The place we used was amazing — even better than the photos! Not only did we find the perfect venue but also the best planning team.

Thank you so much to the Wedding Puzzle team for being so helpful in the planning process. I don’t know how I could’ve done this by myself. This had to be managed by a real expert. Best of all, we worked with the kindest wedding planners that assisted with everything from finding a venue to reserving a photographer.

Definitively recommended. Our friends loved the venue! It was the best day of our lives. Thanks for making it an unforgettable day!

My Wedding Vendors

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