Castleton & Sean

October 06, 2017, Goa, India

I can’t tell you how much I loved this day. The photos we took in the photo booth look awesome! Really beautiful day — the decorations, the place, everything. We all love it. What else can I say? I think there was a little stress before the ceremony, but everything turned out perfectly!

The ceremony was everything I wanted, from the flowers, the decorations, the linens; so gorgeous. The guests were surprised by such a beautiful venue, and the food was delicious!

I know it’s hard to plan weddings, but I think everything went well! It doesn’t matter how many changes we made because nothing was wrong. Everything was great. You were great! You helped us and put all of your efforts into making this day perfect.

Thank you for easing my doubts. The team was patient and always answered quickly. Everything came together. I’ll never forget this day, and I know my family and friends won’t!

My Wedding Vendors

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