Lewers & Isabella

May 17, 2017, Rome, Italy

The truth is, we had no idea where to start with our wedding planning. So, I went online, and after visiting several websites and reading articles, I decided to start with a checklist to figure out what we needed.

When looking for organizational apps, we found planning websites and decided to contact you guys. It was the best thing we did (Besides getting married!). I knew the guest list would be long because we have a lot of extended family, so it had to be a big venue for a big wedding.

After contacting you, everything became easier and less stressful. I could organize my days better and keep track of all of our guests. I couldn’t ask for more.

Everything came out perfectly, and the band was awesome! At first, we weren’t fully convinced of hiring a band, but we knew we had to have live music after watching some of your options. We wanted to dance all night. Our guests loved the theme and the decorations!

My Wedding Vendors

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