Romi & Woods

January 05, 2018, Stellenbosch, South Africa

I thought wedding planning was easier, but then I started looking and didn’t even know how to deal with the vendors and rentals. I guess it’s a lot more complicated than I thought.

We started looking for a wedding planner, but many of them were too busy, and I couldn’t wait anymore. We had to go on our own, but it was too much. I decided to keep looking and found the Wedding Puzzle website. They had many wedding planners available to work on our wedding, and that was all we needed!

Thank you so much for helping with our special day. We found the best. We had an incredible ceremony. We couldn’t believe it was real; everything looked so good and what delicious food!

We sincerely thank the whole Wedding Puzzle team for pulling off such an awesome day for our guests and us. Everything was perfect — the food, the service, and the music – everything was incredible.

Thanks again!

My Wedding Vendors

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