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Tips for planning the perfect beach wedding

There are many reasons to consider a Miami beach wedding. A beach wedding is charming and seductive as you are outdoors, facing the sea while the wind and waves sing to you. 

Enjoying your union on a beautiful Miami beach is priceless. Having a beach wedding is a far cry from a traditional wedding, but it will stay in the minds of all your guests.

This idea is of a wedding usually held in a church or other enclosed venue.

This is not to say that there aren’t other types of outdoor weddings that are quite appealing. We have such garden weddings, but a beach wedding is definitely in its own category.

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The appeal 

The appeal of intimate beach weddings has a lot to do with it allowing you to celebrate that wonderful day with relative simplicity. However, many Miami beach weddings can be quite extravagant. But relax. If you organize your wedding on the beach, you can choose the degree of elegance you want. 

You can also select what elements you wish to omit or incorporate from a traditional wedding. In addition to that, you will have plenty of room to explore many of the themes related to the beach and the ocean.

You need to research many things before walking down the aisle at your beach wedding. Suppose you are going to a destination wedding and staying at a resort that includes everything. What should you do? How will it work?

The best thing to do is to ask all questions to your wedding planning team of beach resort specialists. They will tell you everything you need to know about getting married on the beach.  Of course, they will help you prepare all the details before that big day.

The first thing is to make sure the beach is accessible to all guests.

Most people overlook the beach access factor once they find a place they like to have a beach wedding. Don’t forget to factor in the comfort of your guests. You need to look for an accessible venue.

These factors can also affect the ease of transporting chairs, tables, and even food. Make sure the venue you have chosen is not too far away, and if it is, make sure you make the appropriate arrangements.

WeddingPuzzle knows that when you start planning your wedding, one of the first things that comes to the bride’s mind is: what dress will I dress? Where can I buy it? What style? Choosing the right dress can be overwhelming because there are so many options you can choose from!

Don’t let the sound of the waves mute the sound of your vows.

There are few things as magical as waves crashing against the shore while strolling romantically on the beach. But when it comes to exchanging vows at a ceremony, it’s a completely different story. The noise can be a bit of a surprise.

To solve this “small inconvenience”, you should hire a professional sound system.  We recommend renting or buying a wireless microphone and speaker for the officiant to use.

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Design a decoration that is resistant to wind and sea weather.

It would be best if you made the necessary adjustments to your decoration. To make it adaptable to the outdoors, especially where the wind blows.

That means you should think twice about using lots of fancy flowers, tall candles, and even balloon ribbons that could be blown away by the wind. You have to use resistant objects and avoid objects that can break.

Remember that there are things such as name tags, photos, etc., that you can’t miss. Attach them with adhesive or place heavy things to hold them down.

It is also important that you choose varieties of flowers resistant to high temperatures to not wilt before the ceremonies.

Now,  it would be wise to make sure there is some shade at the ceremony. Remember that outdoor settings can also mean that guests will be exposed to possible rain or perhaps too much sun.

Our recommendation is to monitor the weather to know what to expect. You can also rent an awning to cover the seating area, or bamboo poles could cover like a light white cloth so you can keep everyone very cool. You will need all this to plan the best Miami beach wedding.

You have to keep the food fresh.

Food storage is something to keep in mind from the beginning. These foods must be refrigerated as they spoil quickly with high temperatures. 

It would help if you chose well what types of food you will serve at your reception. Also, take this into account when choosing the cake. The cakes made with buttercream can have a disastrous effect on the heat.

Dress appropriately for your wedding on the beach

On this important day, you will want to dress like the best day of your life. You are on the beach, so you will want to dress in something that does not make you spend too much heat. So it would help if you adopted a middle ground between elegance and freshness.

Usually, beach weddings are much shorter; you should have an alternate plan if the weather changes. Always have a canopy or tent ready to keep everyone cool and dry.

And really, what no one wants when it comes to a beach wedding is to leave the same day of the wedding to start preparing—in the end, realize that you haven’t secured the permits the right way. Even more so, if it’s a resort, you’ll have to book the venue well in advance.

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