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If you are reading this article, it means you are starting to plan all your wedding details. It is normal to take your time and do some previous research and find the perfect theme, cake, and music.
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Look at the current trends and see how you can use them for your wedding. This blog will look at the latest wedding trends and give tips on using those tips for your wedding. Keep reading this article and add unique details to your wedding!

Every day new trends appear. If you still haven’t figured out how to make your invitations or what unique details to add, it’s time to do some research. That is why it is important to keep an eye on the latest wedding trends.

This way, you can make sure your wedding is up to date with the most popular trends! You can also get some expert help and contact some of our wedding planners to know more about this whole topic.

Make sure your wedding is up-to-date with the most popular looks! Get expert help and contact our wedding planners to learn more.

Make a list of your favorite wedding trends.

We recommend you make a list of the trends you most like and add it to your wedding. This will give it a unique touch. Do you love plants? Eco-friendly products? or just looking for new trends?

Here are some wedding trends you need to know about:


Eco-friendly theme:

Why not have a wedding that will make both you and the environment? Eco-friendly is more than a trend nowadays. With such a variety of organic, biodegradable products in the market, you can easily have an eco wedding theme.

People are demanding more eco-friendly weddings. Therefore it is important to choose the best wedding offers on the table. At this point, you can think about different ways of greening your wedding. 

Maybe you would like to use biodegradable decor instead of one use deco. Or perhaps you want to use organic flowers? You can also find metal or plastic recyclable ( jars, bottles, cups, etc.) that are recyclable. Have a different wedding and go green!

Bubble and not confetti:

Confetti can not miss at any wedding, and it is the final touch after saying the “I do.” But what if you want to look for an alternative for paper confetti?

These days, there are some alternatives to town confetti. One and most fun is bubbles. This is unique and environmentally friendly! When we talk about bubbles, we mostly talk about using a bubble machine. With this machine, you will not need to use individual bubble plastic containers.

It is an interesting idea for a special surprise at the end of the wedding day. Would you use bubbles at your wedding?

Small guest lists:

A small guest list is perfect if you want to go big and save some money by not overspending. Think of the most indispensable friends and family and start to create your guest list. It’s necessary for small wedding parties that only must be within the budget. 

Since COVID-19 is still around, small weddings are a must and becoming a trend. You can have the perfect wedding with your loved ones instead of inviting 150 people. This will always depend on what you prefer. But, going small can have many benefits.

If you prefer having a small guest list to spend less money or want your wedding to be more private, it is up to you. Look at our wedding vendors  and get all you need for your wedding events!

Calligraphy invitations

Instead of using printed invitations, you can use hand-made calligraphy invitations. This adds a personal touch to your invitations and makes them unique. Find the calligraphy you most like and send elegant invitations to your family and friends.

Calligraphy is a way of art. If you were looking to have unique invitations that amaze your guest, you should go with this option. Add a personal touch with calligraphed invitations and cards.

You can find many professional companies that offer invitations in calligraphy style, such as WeddingPuzzle. You can also check our invitations section to make sure you find the best designs you want for your invitations.

Backyard wedding

This type of wedding is getting more popular than ever. It is a casual wedding that goes outside. They are happening all over the place! The fun part of these weddings is the idea to have a bride and a groom be married at their backyard homes or parents’ homes.

Make your wedding unique with this type of garden wedding theme! It can have a special touch. There is something special about intimate wedding events that we all love. 

Whether it is from a rented venue or a familiar or friend’s backyard, there is no way to go wrong with a backyard wedding. Are you looking for the perfect venue? Look at our locations and find the venue for your wedding.

Neutral colors:

If you want to keep it simple but elegant neutral colors are your choice. It is better if they are natural, which will have a special touch on your wedding. If you want a more personal wedding with neutral colors, this is the best option for you! 

Colors like cream, light cream, beige and more can give an elegant and unique look to your wedding. If you are getting married in the autumn season, these colors are perfect.

There are many different options for wedding decor and clothing with neutral colors. This way, you can easily incorporate it into your wedding theme and end up with an amazing event.

Easy hairstyles:

Less is more. If you are looking to have a wedding with a different look, change up your hairstyle. Consider doing a more simple hairstyle for a more formal and classic look. 

The hairstyle will depend on how long the braids are. A simple option is a simple hair braid or hair down and cascading. Look for simple and easy hairstyles and choose the one you most love! 

The easy hairstyles are perfect for brides who want a personal touch on their wedding day look. There is something about simple hairstyles that can always go with any outfit! Plus, easy hairstyles will save you tons of time at the hairdresser.

Polaroid photos:

Go back in time with polaroid photos! Do you want to immediately capture the moments of your wedding with your loved ones? If so, this is one of the best ways to do it. With these cameras, you can take photos without having to worry about taking pictures. It is more exciting than digital photos. 

With Polaroid cameras, you can take pictures that are different from digital photography. Because it uses film instead of a digital camera, the photos are instantly developed and ready to view.

Having physical and spontaneous photos with your friends and family will make it a special day.

Photo booths:

Get all your guests in the picture! Photo booths are the best way to get all your friends and family together to take photos. You will love having photo booths at your wedding! 

Photo booths are not old-fashioned anymore. Photo booths come with different themes, and you can create the perfect photo booth with your music. Take special photos because they will be memories that you can save for life.

In our vendors’ section, you can find many options to find the ideal photo booth! It is perfect for those who want to remember their wedding day in a unique and fun way.

Succulent decor:

Why use flowers when you can use succulents? Succulents are not only practical, but they are also very pretty! They are easy to care for and good for the environment. You can have some succulents hanging on your tables or use them as centerpieces. 

Succulents are beautiful plants that you can use decoratively at any time of year. Plus, they are perfect for any occasion! They will look good with any color palette or theme you choose. If you want more natural decor, succulents are more than perfect.

This type of plan does not dry, so your arrangement will last all day and look beautiful. You can also use this plan for wedding favors.

These are some of the latest wedding trends you can consider adding to your wedding. But many others depend on your style and taste.

Check WeddingPuzzle vendors to find all you need to have a trendy wedding.

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